World Bipolar Day, 30th March 2021

8 Mar 2021 | Évènements, Information bipolarité et dé-stigmatisation

Join us for the biggest gathering of people affected by bipolar in 2021. On World Bipolar Day 30th March 2021 we will be coming together for a virtual conference which is free to attend!

The conference is open to anyone affected by bipolar, including pre and post diagnosis, friends and family and professionals. There will be a range of breakout sessions including:

 Bipolar Basics: Everything you need to know – an introduction to bipolar for people who are new to the condition and will provide information on how to manage it effectively by Professor Ian Jones from Cardiff University

 Tackling mental health stigma in Black and ethnic minority communities – this interactive forum, chaired by Leah Charles-King, will feature a cross section of panellists who will explore the stigma that exists within the Black community and other ethnic minority groups.

 Women and Bipolar – Dr Clare Dolman from King’s College London will be focusing on the impact of pregnancy, the postpartum and menopause, and she’ll be joined by Bipolar UK Ambassador and actor Natasha Naomi Rea, who is a parent living with bipolar.

 How to get a diagnosis – with Professor Guy Goodwin from Oxford University and Bipolar UK Ambassador Luyando Malawo

We will also be launching the Bipolar Commission, our research programme that will be using lived experience to transform the health system for people affected by bipolar.

You can book your free ticket here:,friends%20and%20family%20and%20professionals.

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